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Power supply: four AA batteries (NO INCLUDE)

Accessories: 3 piece Plastic Coil, 2 piece Needles, 1 peice Threader, 1 peice wire bar


Instructions for use:

1 installed four AA batteries (note that batteries do not install anti-oh, diagonally opposite)

2 Standby: with the right hand four fingers hold the base of the thumb naturally on the rooftop of the fuselage, steady hold sewing machine.

3 threading: breakdown by product illustrative diagram instructions

4 Feeding: Lift the load plate with his right index finger, will be ready to be sewn into thefabric flat plate, the plate gently pressed back into the fabric

5 sewing operation: with his left hand holding the fabric, the right thumb and gently push down quickly, feed mechanism will automatically be sent to the left seam material. Holding machine gradually shifted to the right hand, left hand holding a cloth dampened with a gentlerhythm will be sewn sewing object moves to the left until the sewing end

6 The function of automatic adjustment pin into the fabric and the tension between.

7 changeover groups: group such as for big line can be connected to pole with spare spoolshaft, set into a large ball. Then re-stringing, after adjusting elastic cord sewn

8 needle exchange: Loosen the screws, remove the needle, the needle can be fitted with a newProduct Features: Metal Gear high strength, noisy sound of a small, easy to slip teeth.Small, they carry. Sewing accessories and a large common

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