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-Fun set of stacking cubes of different colors; Contains 5 example cards printed on both sides

-Children can play individually or a maximum of 2 people

-Skills he develops: develops eye-hand coordination, promotes concentration and learns the different colors

-Produced using a high quality cardboard 

-Suitable for children aged 3+


The game has two game modes.

Individual game:

The boy has to pick up the cubes and stack them according to an example letter, trying not to make them fall. The example cards are progressive, it is recommended to start with the simplest one, the number 1, and increase the degree of difficulty.

Individual free game:

It is played without the cards. It consists of stacking the cubes at random, trying to stack the largest number of cubes without them falling off.

Game with 2 players:

It is also played without cards. 6 cubes are distributed to each player. And the youngest player starts the game. Subsequently, they are stacking the bunnies, one in each shift. No more than 2 cubes can be placed at the base. Whoever throws away the battery keeps the bunnies and starts again. And whoever manages to stack all his cubes first wins the game.


Design : Bunny or Brown

Package Content

-Includes 16 brightly coloured cubes 

-5 double-sided Card

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