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  • Turn your child into an artist: they will learn all the valuable skills that will make them more talented in the arts and crafts. By using the included items to color or draw whatever they think, they will also form new hobbies and develop the skills they can bring to future art projects.
  • Encourage imagination and learning development: Art and creative work are good for children because they enhance their imagination and develop healthy study habits. Let your children draw, draw or write down anything they think of to foster imagination and increase creativity.
  • Easy to transport: This set comes with a plastic carrying case for easy transport. Keep everything neat and tidy anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere. The box includes a handle and a designated compartment for each item included in the portable art device.
  • Portable art set includes: watercolor cake, mixed palette, brush, marker, colored pencil, crayons, oil pastel, paper clip, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, glue, stapler, scissors and portable with handle package.
  • Versatile: Our Crayon Kids are widely used in painting, illustrations, design, sketching, posters, murals, portraits, comics, synthesis and collage. This sweepstakes set is perfect for school classrooms, daycare, restaurants, doctor's offices, hair salons, etc.

Material: plastic
Box Size: 36.6cm x 31cm x 4.2cm / 14.4*12.2*1.65 inch

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