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【Professional Automatic Cutting Hair Clipper】: The head of the hair clipper is made of nano-ceramic, which has a more comprehensive noise reduction function than ordinary stainless steel, and it is not easy to generate heat. Produces very low noise when running at high speed. The R-shaped anti-collision rounded design can effectively prevent the hair clipper blade from scratching the skin.

【Unique Slider Positioning Comb Design】: The haircut kit has a sliding positioning comb design, you can avoid frequently replacing different length combs for more convenient operation; It can be suitable for 7 different length hairstyles by supporting 7 precise length adjustment. You can freely choose the exact length of the hairstyle you want; The hair clipper blade can also be completely disassembled and used as a razor.

【Super Powerful Frequency Conversion Design】: Our hair clipper adopts super frequency conversion technology combined with powerful motor, which can provide powerful power and speed. You can easily trim thick hair without pulling the hair; Two-speed control design makes you switch flexibly at any speed, suitable for different types of soft and thick hair.

【Safe and Anti-Puncture Design】: This hair clipper has a special anti-stutter intelligent ESM design, it can ensure that the hair does not get stuck, when the hair cutting tool can still work at high speed with lower battery power. Protect your hair and scalp from pulling, allows you to trim and cut safer and safer.


Material: ABS.
Color: black, white.
Power 5W.
Voltage 5V.
Charging time 1.5 Hours
Power: USB charging.

Package included:
1x USB hair clipper.
1x USB cable.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Warning: This product is non-waterproof, Do not rinse the hair clipper' s body with water
Before using this product, the razor and the cutter tooth shall be lubricated by the lubricant oil provided by the manufactu
Before cleaning, please turn off the power, and remove the plug of the power adapter from the power socket
Remove the trimming comb, and dismantle the razor. When dismantling the razor, hold out against the cutter tooth of the
razor with your thumb, and then apply force according to the direction of arrow
Please use the special cleaning brush to brush off the hair at the slot of the razor.

Warm Reminder
To prevent the razor from falling down and being broken, please use one hand to push while using the other to hold the razor
when dismantling the razor. The life of the hair clipper is directly related to the use frequency and maintenance
It is normal for the razor to be slightly heated during use, and this will not affect the normal use

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