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.100% brand new with high quality

.Selected high-quality ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, strong and resistant to falling, exquisite workmanship, smooth and no burrs, safe and secure .

The cleaning and cleaning vehicle combination, the multi-function hanging shelf, the broom, the mop and the cleaning agent can be stably hung, and the garbage bag is provided .

The garbage cleaned by the children is immediately poured into the garbage bag behind the cleaning car, thereby effectively cultivating the child #39;s environmental awareness .

Simulate broom, mop, brush, wipes and other cleaning products, simulate the real cleaning process, meet the children #39;s imitation desire for cleaning and cleaning, let the children enhance the awareness of cleaning, and get a good habit of loving and loving, doing housework

It can also train children #39;s brains in coordination, DIY hands-on ability, and clean cognitive ability


.Color: As Shown

.Material: ABS

.Package Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 48cm

Package Weight: 1600g

.Packing: Colourful Packaging


.1 x Mop

.1 x Broom

.1 x Brush

.1 x Dust Pan

.1 x Cleaning Solution

.1 x Mop Bucket

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