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Product description : This product is sepcial cleaning for washing machine slot.It can clean the inner cylinder of washing machine,remove peculiar smell,remove bacteria and prvent fouling.

- Bacteriostatic and Fungicidal

-Decontamination Descaling

-Eliminate perculiar smell



Features: Multi effect integration,cleaning,deodorization,sterilization,effective removal of internal dirt and residues.

Main Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate,surfactant,peroxide,enzyme,etc.

Scope of application: Wave washing machine and drum washing machine

Storage method: Aviod direct sunlight and place in a cool place


Matters needing attention:

1.It is forbidden to swallow this product.Please keep it out  of the reach of children.If is splashes into eyes,wash it with water immediately.

2.Please store in a cool and vertilated place under normal temperature.


Usage Method:

It is recommended to clean 4-6 tablets for first time and then clean once every 1-2 months and use 1- 2 tablets each time. (use40°c - 60°c water temperature to activate active oxyen,the decontamination effect is better)


Warm tip:It is suggested that the new washing machine should be cleaned thoroughly by using professional cleaning agent regulary after six month of use, so as to avoid secondary pollution and ensure the health of family members.


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