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1: Side sensing: sensors are installed around the aircraft to control the steering flight

2: flexible barrier: using the original package ABS material, strong and durable

3: High-grade appearance: UV spraying process, strong texture, no paint

4: Built-in LED bright lights, blooming in the night sky, increasing the fun of night flight

5: Lithium battery and USB charging cable have power-off protection. When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically power off, better protect the battery.

6: The aircraft has a card lock protection function, which will automatically stop during the impact process to protect the blades and motors from damage.

Product features:

fixed height, free to fly, fast and slow, anti-collision, multi-person interactive control, UV spray body

Mode of operation: infrared induction

Control distance: 15 or so

The battery is charged for about 60 minutes and the usage time is about 7 minutes.

Battery capacity: 3.7V: 300mah


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